Utility Packs 1 2 and 3


The Utility Packs are a collection of code discussed in back issues of TS Express. The code is unprotected so you can examine it. In the code, you will find references about which issue of TS Express covered the topic. The systems are educational in nature and can be used to develop real trading systems. The indicators are quite useful without modification. The functions are intended to be used in systems and indicators.

Utility Pack 1

Displace Average – Shows two methods of coding a displaced moving average
IES_CycleFixedLength – Pick any date and this shows a cycle of fixed length both before and after .
PlotLine – Plots a sloping line from a point on the chart, going forward or backward.

BO System – An intraday breakout system with an escalator trailing stop.
Protect: Sample TSE – An example of how to protect code for monthly rental distribution.
Stops that Work – A volatility stop that decays with time

BarsPerDay – Returns the number of bars in a day
IES_CycleFixedLen2 – Returns the cycle for the indicator
IES_FibCheck2 – Checks any number to see if it is a Fibonacci number of 2 other numbers.
IES_HofMonth – High of month
IES_HofWeek – High of week
IES_Htoday – High of today for intraday data
IES_Hystrday – High of yesterday for intraday data
IES_LofMonth – Low of month
IES_LofWeek – Low of week
IES_Ltoday – Low of today for intraday data
IES_Lystrday – Low of yesterday for intraday data
IES_TradesToday – Number of trades entered today


Utility Pack 2

Daily Error Finder – Find gaps in daily data. This is useful if you choose not to show holidays.
DualColorOsc – This plots a two color histogram. Above zero is one color and below another.
Permission – This shows how to combine trading signals into an indicator that will authorize trading.
SwingHighOmega – Draws a line from the most recent swinghigh price.
SwingLowOmega – Draws a line from the most recent swinglow price.

TimeGaps – Locate gaps in intraday charts. This example uses 15 minute bar charts.

Breakdown Sally – A pattern based S&P500 position trading system
Mr. October – A filtered volatility breakout system for the bonds
THUG – An S&P500 position trading system that buys on Tuesday

Utility Pack 3

IES_BubbleSort Demo – Uses a bubble sort to place swing low points in order, and plots selected swinglow.
IES_DEMA – Plots Dynamic Exponential Moving Averages. Volatility controls the length of the Xaverage.
IES_TKProfile:10 – Generates a plot of the avg number of ticks detected in each 5 minute period of day.

The Other Side TSE – Volatility breakout of congestion points formed by previous swingpoints.
TL Overtaker Intra – Uses TS built-in trendlines to swingpoints to generate trades

Clearlog – Clears the printlog window on the first bar of a chart
IES_BubbleSort – Used in the bubble sort demo indicator
IES_DEMA – Used in the DEMA indicator
IES_NearestTick – Round a number to the nearest whole tick
IES_SwingHi – Returns correct swing high values. Use this in lieu of built-in function.
IES_SwingLo – Returns correct swing low values. Use this in lieu of built-in function.


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