About Bill Brower

Hi, My name is Bill Brower.

I have been programming customized EasyLanguage strategies and indicators for my clients on a full time basis for over 23 years.

My clients have discovered that “IF they can define it, I can program it”!

My education and training for this career includes a BS in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Finance. I’m well qualified to pursue all aspects of trading stocks, options, and futures. This includes understanding the technical aspects of the math that goes into the algorithms for all the indicators and functions used to trade them.

I started teaching clients the basics of TradeStation EasyLanguage in 1994 with the bi-monthly journal I wrote and published called TS Express until 1999. I’ve had numerous articles published in trade magazines and on trading websites and have appeared on CNBC with John Murphy to discuss the use of TradeStation in systematic trading. I pioneered the use of Monte Carlo Simulation in measuring the potential return and risk of trading a portfolio of futures symbols with software I developed and sold under the name Portfolio MCS. In 2000 I wrote “Using EasyLanguage”, a book to guide traders in developing trading strategies. Since 2000, I have twice successfully traded a portfolio for futures commodities on daily data and have been a full time EasyLanguge programmer supporting clients around the world. The EasyLanguage Learning-by-Example workbook has been a work in progress for 17 years and has been released in 5 editions. The most recent upgrade was the most ambitious by expanding the book by more than 50%.

Over the years I discovered I have a passion for programming with the TradeStation EasyLanguage and for teaching it to others. I have just completely updated, revised and expanded my 300 page EasyLanguage manual covering the latest features and functionality of conventional coding and a bonus chapter introducing you to Object Oriented coding which will take the Power of TradeStation Automation to an even higher level performance! It is all included in this Manual.

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