EasyLanguage Programming Learning-By-Example Workbook 2016


EasyLanguage Programming Learning-By-Example Workbook 2016

This is a major upgrade to the book I last released in 2012. There are over 100 new pages of material pushing this volume to 282 pages and is published electronically in PDF format. It comes with an Index and Table of Contents that has hyperlinked the material to the pages where they are described. Every page now has links to both the Table of Contents and the Index so getting around is much easier.

The entire book has been reformatted and has a refreshing look. Every exercise has been updated to account for any new features in TradeStation 9.0. Chapter 1, basic programming, remains much the way it was but Chapter 2, intermediate programming, has increased 25% in size. The biggest change to the book was the addition of over 50 pages of exercises covering Object Oriented Easy Language. In addition there is a Bonus Chapter 6 showing unusual and advanced ways of using arrays. The Index has been greatly expanded with far more detail on subject and key words all hyperlinked back to the text.

Chapter 3, advanced programming techniques, has been expanded with exercises including: creating a true volume indicator, computing the number of long and short trades, debugging techniques, using the GetAppInfo functions to position text on the screen, communicating with Excel, using intrabarordergeneration in a strategy, using global variables in radarscreen to compute converging retracement levels, an indicator that plots the average volume in every single time slot of the day, a function that is the one and only statistic that you need to measure strategy performance, and an indicator to test the Yale Hirsch January Barometer on the S&P500.

Chapter 4 includes 11 strategies that have all been updated and refined for recent market activity and some of which do amazingly well. I would not go as far as to say they are tradable and without risk but they look very attractive and provide a great foundation for future traders. If you can pass the quizzes you can program in Easylanguage. You will learn to program user functions, analysis techniques and strategies including:

  1. Syntax and formatting
  2. If…then constructs
  3. For loops
  4. While loops
  5. Output to the Printlog window
  6. Output to ASCII CSV files
  7. Trendlines
  8. Expert Commentary and Alerts
  9. Coding for multi data charts
  10. Working with date and time
  11. Working with arrays including very fast circular arrays
  12. And much more including the following strategies:
      • Retracement in a Trend Strategy
      • Short Term Trend Based on Swings Strategy
      • Countertrend Strategy
      • Random Entry Strategy used for testing exits
      • Random Exit Strategy used for testing entries
      • Standard Deviation channels strategy
      • Scale Trading Strategy
      • A Short Term Forex Strategy
      • Fade the First Big Move of the Day Strategy
      • A Simple Long Only Strategy for a Portfolio of Futures Commodities
      • The January Indicator with ‘Sell May and Go Away Strategy’

    OOEL Exercises

    • Global Dictionary from Radarscreen to Radarscreen
    • GetStrategyName work around using GlobalDictionary
    • Multi-timeframes in Radarscreen
    • Using a Timer and QuotesProvider in Radarscreen for spread trading
    • Basics of Vectors
    • A Vector of Vectors passes from a function to an indicator by reference
    • Drawing Trendlines using BNPoint Class
    • Using DTPoint Class to draw an ellipse on a chart
    • Place an arrow on a chart using the TextLabel Class
    • PriceSeriesProvider class measures stock performance relative to SPY
    • Using the PositionProvider Class
    • OrderProvider Class displays order status data in Radarscreen
    • Using the FundamentalsProvider class
    • Using the Workbook Class to share data with Excel
    • Using the StreamWriter and StreamReader Classes for I/O
    • Alarm, Stopwatch and Timer Class examples
    • Using he Tokenlist Class
    • Using the BracketOrderTicket Class to exit a trade from an indicator

This is a work study book that starts with the basics of TradeStation EasyLanguage programming and provides
programming exercises that you type into the Power Editor. It takes the user up to the advanced level in
programming. Many of the exercises provide helpful code that can be used in your own trading arsenal and provide a basis to build more sophisticated pieces of code.

Customer Testimonials

Joe Krutsinger says: “William Brower has done it again. Always THE definitive resource in Easy Language Programming, ( I have been in this business for 34 years and have written 4 books on trading systems and Mr. Brower is who I call when I need help with a complex Easy Language question!) his new “Learning by Example Workbook 2010″ will be my new number 1 reference manual.”

Fred G. Schutzman, CMT, President, Briarwood Capital Management Inc. says: “No one has contributed more to the programming education of TradeStation users than Bill Brower. With EasyLanguage Learning-By-Example Workbook 2010 For TradeStation, Bill has done it again. This book is a must read for all TradeStation users that wish the ability to program virtually any trading concept and for traders who work closely with programmers and want to speak their language. I am proud to place Bill’s book in a prominent spot in my trading library.”

Christiaan Hoogenboom says: “Thank you for writing this book. It is a great way to start learning EL and finishing your course gave me the feeling I know the basics and gained huge insights on programming with easylanguage. I know I do not know a lot, yet, and have to learn a lot more, but still I can’t thank you enough for getting me started.”

Laura C, trader says: “I want to thank you for the Learning By Example Workbook. I have never learned a coding language before, but I’m convinced that your LBE Workbook must be the fastest and easiest way to learn. Within one week (of admittedly hard work), I was able to code up a fairly tricky system using your LBE Workbook. The Workbook is amazing in that it covers a vast range of examples in an unbelievably concise format. Many thanks for the time and energy you put into creating, updating and selling this gem.”

John Ehlers says: “Programming meaningful indicators and strategies in TradeStation usually requires extensive experience. However, Learning-By-Example not only shows you how to program by using real world examples but also has myriad tips on how to avoid the common errors that cost hours in debugging. The examples are wonderful starting points to build more complex strategies. I highly recommend Learning By Example for every TradeStation user.”

Alan M, trader says: “My programming skills are a bit rusty and I’ve been struggling with EasyLanguage. Bill Brower’s Learning-by-Example Workbook changed things for me overnight. With each lesson, I learned a new concept and progressively built up both my confidence and programming skills. In the space of less than a week, this workbook has opened up the world of EasyLanguage for me. I have tried other learning materials, but none of them come close to Bill’s workbook.”

Desmond Lim says: “I think your LBE stuff is great, the learning curve is steep in that you go to advanced and super advanced very quickly. Your material is a publisher’s dream. Your multi-tick stuff definitely fills a huge gap in TS although I found myself wishing for some example usage code with the suite on first go. Again, many thanks for all the work put into the material.”

Peter S: says: “I think it’s excellent, incredibly packed with good learning and interesting/useful code. The humour helps too. Still working on absorbing the lessons. Just one comment. Slow learners like myself could do with the format of Data2 and numericref spelt out a bit more slowly, though I realise that contradicts your style of packing as much information in as possible, and is nit picking. Overall it would be in the interests of TradeStation and their customers for them to publicise your book. So obviously that won’t happen. Couldn’t help wondering if you use Multicharts and have found it to have advantages over TS?”


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