Easy Language Custom Programming Services

If You Can Define It…. I Can Program It

I have been programming EasyLanguage for big and small clients all over the world for 23 years.

Traders who have manual trading systems or systems running on another platform have retained me to develop their ideas in the TradeStation environment. When performing services I recognize the developer’s need for confidentiality. I have always maintained high public profile mandates with strict confidentiality!

In working together I can even help you define the detail for your own personal customized trading strategy or indicator. We will nail it down and roll it out so you can test and trade your edge.


This will be your edge the way you want it.


You will be able to build your Trade Plan exactly the way you design it. And with strategy automation you will have the freedom to tap the power of both the computer and your custom designed software. This will include your ability to:

  • Back Test and Forward Walk Test your trading ideas
  • Edit and update and continue to improve as you desire
  • Build your Trading Plan around these specific tools that You Define
  • Test and Evaluate multiple markets and time frames
  • Take the Ball We Create Together and Move it Down the Field

The finished product can be configured if you wish with Full Security Locks. This can Include…

  • A TradeStation User Number Requirement
  • User Password Protection
  • Date Expiration Time-Bomb

All system code is fully disclosed to the developer so that he or she may make modifications moving forward. This option will become even more valuable to those clients who go through my year of EasyLanguage Training!

My services are efficient because of the extensive set of custom user functions I have created in my programming library. You will receive well documented, clearly written code that has user inputs (parameters) available for optimizations.

Quick Reasons to Consider Me for your
Custom EasyLanguage Programming:

  • 23+ years of full-time Easylanguage programming experience
  • Fast and economical Tradestation programming service
  • Provides a firm quote based on your specification
  • Confidentiality is always maintained to the highest degree
  • Extensive knowledge of Easylanguage including Object Oriented code (OOEL)
  • Has a vast library of custom code that makes the job easier
  • Served as Easylanguage expert witness in several legal cases. Knowledgeable about Stocks, Futures, Options, Forex, ETFs, and Indexes
  • Has had trading experience managing futures portfolios
  • Has written and published books on learning Easylanguage
  • Published the industry’s only Easylanguge periodical (by-monthly) for 6 years
  • Was chosen by TradeStation to be the Easylanguage Editor in their quarterly journal (no longer in publication).
  • Provides real-time hands-on training to new users of TradeStation
  • Able to support clients on all versions of Tradestation including TS2000i. Works alone and does all Easylanguage programming myself. You can reach me easily by phone.
  • Guarantees programming work and fixes all issues promptly

How To Get Started

If you have an EasyLanguage project that could use help, contact me to get some insight.

We can personally review the concept to clarify any issues that may be fuzzy. Afterwards I will provide a firm quote and if that is satisfactory then you can release me to proceed. When the project is completed, I will deliver and explain the coding with you.

Please contact me today to get started!

Phone: (203) 454-2754
Email: 1000mileman@optonline.net