TradeStation Lessons

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TS Lesson 1 – Introduction

  • Installation And System Requirements
  • Live Trading Versus Simulated Trading
  • Desktop Components
  • Workspaces And Windows
  • Multiple Desktops And Multiple Monitors
  • Backup And Restore Your TS Files
  • Customize Toolbars
  • Command Line Macros – Hotkeys, Toolbar Buttons, List Short Cut Commands
  • Window Linking
  • Tradestation Desktop Preferences
  • Tradestation Help

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TS Lesson 2 – Order Bar and Order-Entry Preferences

  • Understanding The TS Order Bar
  • Tracking Orders And Positions In Trade Manager
  • Tracking Positions In The Position Graph Bar
  • Account Orders And Positions In Charting
  • OCO And OSO Orders
  • Advanced Order Features
  • Setting Order – Entry Preferences

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TS Lesson 3 – Placing Orders Using Different Order-Entry Tools

Elements of the Matrix

  • Market, Stop, Limit Orders
  • OSO Stop/Limit
  • Trail Stops
  • OCO Breakout Orders
  • Using Template Orders
  • Bracket Entry Orders with OCO Stop/Limit Orders

Chart Trading

  • Display Orders on the Chart
  • Chart Trading Dialog Box
  • CTRL and ALT Key Shortcuts
  • Drag Orders to Cancel/Replace

Quick Trade Bar

  • Very Simplified Order Bar
  • Buy Bid, Short Ask Limit Orders
  • Hit Bid, Take Ask Limit Orders
  • Split Orders
  • Designed for FOREX

Market Depth

  • Detail on all Bid/Ask Orders
  • Lists Market Makers and ECN’s
  • Matrix Like Features

Order Bar

  • Entering and Exiting Positions

Macro Entry

  • $ Entry Orders at  Market for Multiple Symbols
  • Unlock Macros

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TS Lesson 4 – Bar Building and Chart Styles


  • Key Board Commands for Symbols and Intervals
  • Status Line Customizing
  • Symbol Display Customization
  • Time and Price Scale Customization
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for Amount of Data to Load
  • Data Download Scheduler
  • Data Tips Window Anchoring: To Cursor or Fixed Location
  • Fixed Data Window
  • Pre and Post Market Data
  • Change Default Amount of Data to Load Per Interval
  • Indicator Customization
  • Time Charts: Minute, Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • Activity Charts:  Share and Tick Bar Charts – Volume and Tick Counts
  • Price Movement Charts: Point and Figure, Range, Renko Charts
  • Chart Styles: OHLC, Dot on Close, Candlestick (w/wo trend)
  • Price Scaling – Linear, SemiLog, Auto vs. Fixed, Custom Increments
  • Session Times: 24 Hour, Day Sessions, Custom Sessions
  • Background Dragging of Data Bars or Price Scale

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TS Lesson 5 – Analysis Techniques and Drawing Tools

  • Applying Drawing Tools To Charts
  • Setting Drawing Tool Alerts
  • Modifying Tool Settings
  • Indicators, ShowMes and Paintbars
  • Viewing Code in Development Environment
  • Activity Bars
  • MultiData Charts
  • Plotting in Subgraphs
  • Performance Percent Change Charts
  • Drag Indicators to Different Subgraphs and Overlay Them
  • Importing Analysis Techniques From Trading App Store or Import/Export
  • VideoStation App

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TS Lesson 6 – Strategy Testing, Optimization and Automation

  • Built-In Strategies
  • Calculate Historic Performance
  • Recomputes Code on Every Bar of the Chart
  • Entries Connected to Exits by Dotted Lines on Chart
  • Pyramiding is Allowed
  • Strategy Performance Report
  • Specifying Slippage and Commission
  • Indicators Are Separate from Strategies
  • Stop Loss and Profit Target
  • Look Inside Bar Back-testing
  • Optimization
  • Optimization Report
  • Portfolio Maestro
  • Strategy Automation
  • TradeManager Automation for Display
  • TradeManager for Execution
  • Risks from Data Interruption
  • Send Stop Orders to TS Order Execution Network
  • Strategy Waits for TradeManager Confirms Fills
  • Walk Forward Optimizer

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TS Lesson 7 – Real Time Scanning in Radarscreen

  • Inserting Symbols
  • Inserting Pages
  • Inserting Symbol Lists
  • Inserting Analysis Techniques
  • Inserting Blank and Label Rows
  • Setting Bar Interval
  • Sorting And Ranking Symbols in Separate Groups
  • Setting Alerts In Radarscreen
  • Working With Templates
  • Working With Analysis Groups
  • Create New Symbol Lists
  • Selecting Columns to Be Plotted
  • Arming Alerts
  • Auto Sorting and Sorting on Alerts
  • Change Data Intervals Globally or for Individual Symbols
  • Alert Message Center
  • Saving Analysis Group
  • Inserting Analysis Group
  • Setup Email Messaging

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TS Lesson 8 – Filtering Symbols Using Hot Lists and Scanner

Hot List

  • Hot List Window App
  • Customizing Hot List
  • Category Dropdown List
  • Exchange Dropdown List
  • Filters: Price, Volatility, Volume Lists
  • Results Number List: 25, 50, 100
  • Premarket and Postmarket
  • Hotlist Updates Automatically
  • Copy Paste to Radarscreen for Further Analysis


  • View TS Sample Scans – Patterns, Growth, Growth and Value etc.
  • Static Results Do Not Update
  • Scan Criteria
  • Format Criteria Allows Editing Criteria
  • Edit Inputs and Bar Parameters
  • Filter by Alerts
  • Close Data Only
  • Schedule Scans Automatically
  • Save Scans Automatically
  • E-mail Notification Scan Completed

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TS Lesson 9 – Options With Optionstation Pro

  • Adding root symbol to display
  • Need real time data on equities and options
  • Modifying settings: Max number strike prices and expiration dates
  • W3 – third week options are Monthly
  • Options on stocks and indexes but not on futures
  • Real vs. Theoretical Positions Panel- Can add additional columns
  • Displaying 2D graphs: Theoretical PL, What-IF displays with different StdDev
  • Customizing Volatility
  • Spreads – Vertical (modifying strike interval)
  • Drag and drop legs of Theoretical Positions for Custom Spread in Spread Master
  • Trade Using OS Order Bar
  • OCO is not available in OS
  • Multiple OS Pro instances is not available
  • Rolling Spread Positions
  • Option symbol linking to charts in TS
  • 3D graphs of PL over time
  • Search for strategies and rank results
  • Analyze search strategies

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TS Lesson 10 – News, Time and Sales, Research, Browser and Ticker Bar


  • Data is limited to amount able to load: max is 10000
  • Customize time window to view
  • Format window to change font
  • Conditions for color code of font:
    • at bid red
    • at ask green
    • between bid/ask white
    • above ask bright green
    • below bid bright red
  • Help window – Condition Reference explains exchange conditions
  • Color of Background: Uptick green, downtick red
  • Add and remove columns
  • Filter trades by size
  • Can display bid and ask


  • Insert filters for different symbols
  • Enable alerts for symbols
  • Create watch list of symbols
  • Free news providers
  • DJ News Wise is not free
  • Customize by categories and sources
  •  Hover over symbols for active quote


  • Fundamental data
  • GoTo links to more research sites by other providers
  • Creating  custom internet links
  • Custom links in TS to control other website providers


  • Can save browser links to TS workspaces


  • Customize symbol lists by Select Lists
  • Customize upper list separately from lower list
  • Create new ticker: custom symbols, news or hot lists
  • Can be open without TS Charting open
  • Double click on news title to bring up article
  • Double click on symbol brings up Quick Quote Window
  • Change direction and speed of scrolling
  • Changes are automatically set as default

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TS Lesson 11 – Introduction to EasyLanguage

  • Development Environment
  • EL Dictionary
  • Create Indicator, Showme, Strategy
  • Modify an Indicator
  • Update every tick
  • Autocomplete typing
  • Line numbers

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TS Lesson 12 – TS Website and Online Presence

  • Most links found inside HELP – TS Training or TS Wiki or Account Services
  • TS University – Videos about platform use
  • TS Labs – Technical explanations, analysis concepts and market commentary
  • Event Center – List of upcoming events, Live, Spotlight On or On Demand
  • Education – Relationships with universities
  • TS Client Center – your account information
  • TS Web Trading – Positions, place trades, some indicators, display on phone app
  • TS Community – TS Forum
  • TS Trading App Store – Videostation App for more learning videos
  • TS Social Media

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