Charting Lesson


Learning TradeStation charting can take months. It is a sophisticated package with numerous features. Most users only take advantage of 5 to 10% of its rich list of features. This is like driving a Ferrari around in first gear.

In three hours of telephone training we will teach you things it would take months to learn. Things like…How to set the default values for your charts to they appear like you want them to… Create multi-data charts… Apply indicators to multiple data streams…Back test and optimize systems…Configure the optimization spreadsheet… Customize the icon bars to your needs…Link windows together in groups so that all change symbols to the one you select… Applying and getting the most out of the drawing tools…and much much more.

If you do not use all of your time in telephone training you can use your telephone training time to have us program your custom indicator or strategy. Best of all you will learn to avoid mistakes using TradeStation that can cost you lots of money. We can train you on TS2000i or TS9.x. We do not offer this service to learn EasyLanguage.


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