Easy Language Membership

Create and Control Your Trading Edge

I have created a comprehensive step-by-step course designed to teach you how to read and write EasyLanguage code for TradeStation.

This will be a 52 week training track with the goal of empowering you to be able to write and test your trading ideas!

This course will include my recently completed, 300 page EasyLanguage Learning-by-Example Manual that reveals the nuts and bolts of EasyLanguage Programming. There is no easier or powerful way to learn to code than Learning-by-Example. My goal is to enable you to “crack the code” and harness the hidden power of the computer using the TradeStation Trading Platform!

  • Write Your Own Trading Strategies
  • Test These Strategies to Formulate Your Personal Trading Plan
  • Develop your own Custom Designed Tools and Indicators
  • Read and Understand the Coding of Strategies and Indicators Your Own
  • Collaborate with Other Colleagues Also Participating in this Training
  • Customize Your Trading Tools to Conform to the Way You
    See the Markets
  • Develop the Psychological Edge From Your Tested
    and Proven Results
  • Make the former Black Box Math and Algos Transparent
    Once and For All
  • Build Trading Confidence Created with Your Understanding
    of the Edge

Before we get into course details, let me introduce myself…

My name is Bill Brower. I have been programming customized EasyLanguage strategies and indicators for my clients on a full time basis for over 23 years. My clients have discovered that “IF they can define it, I can program it”!

My education and training for this career includes a BS in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Finance. I’m well qualified to pursue all aspects of trading stocks, options, and futures. This includes understanding the technical aspects of the math that goes into the algorithms for all the indicators and functions used to trade them.

I started teaching clients the basics of TradeStation EasyLanguage in 1994 with the bi-monthly journal I wrote and published called TS Express until 1999. I’ve had numerous articles published in trade magazines and on trading websites and have appeared on CNBC with John Murphy to discuss the use of TradeStation in systematic trading. I pioneered the use of Monte Carlo Simulation in measuring the potential return and risk of trading a portfolio of futures symbols with software I developed and sold under the name Portfolio MCS. In 2000 I wrote “Using EasyLanguage”, a book to guide traders in developing trading strategies.

Since 2000, I have twice successfully traded a portfolio for futures commodities on daily data and have been a full time EasyLanguage programmer supporting clients around the world. The EasyLanguage Learning-by-Example workbook has been a work in progress for 17 years and has been released in 5 editions. The most recent upgrade was the most ambitious by expanding the book by more than 50%.

Over the years I discovered I have a passion for programming with the TradeStation EasyLanguage and for teaching it to others. I have just completely updated, revised and expanded my 300 page EasyLanguage manual covering the latest features and functionality of conventional coding and a bonus chapter introducing you to Object Oriented coding which will take the Power of TradeStation Automation to an even higher level performance! It is all included in this Manual.

However, I do not want to just throw a big programming manual at you and wish you luck in learning it. I actually want to take you with me in a comprehensive training journey where I will personally work you through actually learning the ins and outs of this trading language.

Here Is How I Propose to Train You

I have created the most detailed and comprehensive training program available on this topic. You are invited to sign up for our 12 Month (52 Week) EasyLanguage Training Journey. You will then have special access to your own training library of materials that will be posted both quarterly and weekly for the next 52 weeks.

Here’s What You Will Get:

  • Easy Language Training Manual in PDF form*
  • Weekly Training Videos (Here are the Topics to be Covered in the First 12 Week’s)
  • Quizzes and answer Review to evaluate your progress.
  • Monthly training sessions
    Once a month during this 12 month course, I will lead Live Webinar for Members ONLY. You bring your questions and I will discuss and collaborate with you Live. These sessions will be recorded and placed in your Training Library Archive.
  • Access to a forum for all members to collaborate with each other. Bill will also participate in this forum.

*  Timing of delivery dependent on Membership Option chosen.

The Bonus: 4 Trading Tools

To make this decision a “no brainer” I am also including as a gift to you a major piece of my own personal work.

I have taken some of the most popular trading indicators offered by TradeStation and converted them to MULTIDATA TICK TOOLS. all four of these tools will be delivered up front!To Learn More About These Tools, visit www.TickTradingTools.com

Module #1 Includes:

  • Average Range
  • Average True Range
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Commodity Channel Index
  • HH/LL Channel
  • Chande Momentum Oscillator

Module #2 Includes:

  • Blau Ergodic
  • Keltner Channel
  • Linear Reg Curve
  • Momentum
  • Simple Moving Average
  • On Balance Value
  • OBV Momentum

Module #3 Includes:

  • Pivots Swing High and Low
  • Rate of Change
  • RSI
  • Parabolic
  • Stochastic Slow D
  • Standard Deviation
  • Exponential Average

Module #4 Includes:

  • MACD
  • Positive Volume Index
  • Linear Regression Slope
  • Adaptive Moving Average
  • Hull Moving Average
  • Weighted Moving Average
  • Stochastic DMI
  • Triple XAverage LogPrice

This is a sample of my own Custom EasyLanguage Programming; and I want you to have them as my way of having the opportunity to work with you this coming year!

Since we want to be your one stop resource for all things useful and educational about TradeStation and EasyLanguage, we will also maintain a reference list of educational videos including some of those created by TradeStation.To jump-start your programming journey, you will have immediate access to 10 very basic introductory videos at no extra cost. These cover programming syntax, indicators, paintbars, showmes, and strategies as well as how to call user functions and write your own alerts.

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All Four Tick Trading Tools

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If you are interested in enrolling in Bill’s Easy Language coarse, we are now taking subscriptions manually to ensure a better user experience. Please contact Bill via phone or email using the information below to get started.

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