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Are you ready to learn Easy Language? Bill has created
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Easy Language Custom Coding

"If You Can Define It... I Can Program It."

Bill offers Easy Language programming for your own
customized trading strategy or indicator! He can even
help younail down the details to get started.

Meet Bill Brower
> EasyLanguage Programmer and CTA


I have been programming customized EasyLanguage strategies and indicators for my clients on a full time basis for over 23 years.

My education and training for this career includes a BS in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Finance. Over the years I discovered I have a passion for programming with the TradeStation EasyLanguage and for teaching it to others. I have just completely updated, revised and expanded my 300 page EasyLanguage manual covering the latest features and functionality of conventional coding plus a bonus chapter introducing you to “Object Oriented” coding which will take the Power of TradeStation Automation to an even higher level performance! However, I do not want to just throw a big programming manual at you and wish you luck in learning it. I actually want to take you with me in a comprehensive training journey where I will personally work you through actually learning the ins and outs of this trading language.

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Quickly learn the basics of
TradeStation EasyLanguage Routines.

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Bill's new Learn-By-Example EasyLanguage workbook is the "go-to"
resource to kick-start your EasyLanguage programming skills.

My team has developed a 12-Month Course to deliver my new EasyLanguage Manual as well as my four "Tick Trading Tools".
The tools will help traders plot multiple time frames on a tick chart.

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All Four Tick Trading Tools

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Let me make your programming request easy and affordable!

I have been specializing in TradeStation’s EasyLanguage since 1994. Together we can develop your ideas for the TradeStation environment. The finished product can be configured as the client wishes: with full security locks including block number, date and password protection or partially open. All system code is fully disclosed to the developer so that he or she may make modifications if so desired.

If you have an Easy Language project that could use help, send me your request with a description of what you want programmed. I will review your request and send a firm quote for the cost of programming.

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