Instructional Video Help

by Bill Brower on July 7, 2016 | Categories: Uncategorized |

Although you can find numerous helpful videos on Youtube related to the use of TradeStation, perhaps the best source of videos is from TradeStation itself. There are all kinds of instructional videos including many tutorials that show you how to use the platform. Even experienced users will learn from their videos. You can access the entire list, which is quite extensive, through their App Store. From the Charting menu, select INSERT/INDICATOR and hit the Import button at the bottom. Select to import from the App Store. A browser will load and take you there. Then search for VideoStation which is a free application that you can download. Follow the instructions from that page to complete the download. Then whenever you want to see any of their instructional videos, you simply need to go to the menu and select FILE/NEW/TRADING APP WINDOW and select VideoStation from the list of available applications.